Add accessories to maximize your rack’s usefulness

The Professional Truck Rack™ is lightweight, yet rugged enough for the construction site. It works hard and plays hard, and can carry the necessary equipment for both. The ergonomic design helps keep employees safe and worker compensation claims low, while the patented base model mounts easily to the truck bed and transfers from vehicle to vehicle.

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An additional crossbar for easy (un)loading of short ladders or objects

Conduit Tube

accessory conduit tube
Aluminium conduit tube (2-5m long, 125 mm in square), lockable on both sides. Mounting with a bracket onto crossbars, so that the interior space can be completely used for loading.

Conduit tube bracket

accessory conduit tube backet

Special round brackets to fix standard plastic tubes.

LED Strobe

With special mounting brackets the beacon may be mounted onto the crossbars.

accessory led strobe

Strobe Holder Extra Cargo Stops

accessory extra strobe holder

Additional cargo stops can be mounted onto crossbars for safer transport. It comes with a rubber surface and keep the cargo in place.